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  • Lipstein EA, Brinkman WB, Fiks AG, et al. “An Emerging Field of Research: Challenges in Pediatric Decision Making.” Medical Decision Making. 2015 Apr;35(3): 403-8. Read More.
  • Wright DR, Lavelle TA, Malik FS, and Prosser LA. (2019, April 29) “Re-mixing methods: using quantitative conjoint analysis research approaches to augment qualitative data.” APA Special Interest Group: Interdisciplinary Pediatric Researchers SIG at the Pediatric Academic Societies 2019 Meeting. Read the workshop summary here.
  • Lin J, Lipstein EA, Lundstrom G, Lundstrom R, Sediqzadah S, Tay D, Wittenberg E. (2020, October 27) “Intergenerational Decision Making: The Role of Family Relationships in Medical Decision Making.” Society for Medical Decision Making 42nd Annual North American Meeting. Read the abstract and watch the recording here.
  • Auger KA, Prosser LA, Salomon JA. “COVID-19 and School Closures: Models, Policy, and Health” journal club. January 20th, 2021.